Cisco CTI Integration by CDC Software

Cisco CTI Integration by CDC Software

Enable Cisco Telephony and Zendesk integration with the CDC Platform

Please be advised there may be additional costs associated with this integration. Please contact CDC for further details on their pricing. In terms of Zendesk commercials, this integration is available only to agents with 'Talk - Partner Edition' seats see

The CDC Platform with Zendesk and Cisco telephony connectors provides integration between your Cisco telephony system and your Zendesk environment. The platform supports searching, displaying, and creating Zendesk items based on the call data associated with a voice call. Leverage the information collected within your IVR, Voice Portal, ACD, databases, and web services to 'Screen Pop' the agent's Zendesk session with new or existing Zendesk users, tickets, and more. The integration provided by the platform is two-way and supports the updating of the call data within your Cisco telephony system and other contact center systems with Zendesk data. This enables Zendesk user and ticket data located or created during the existing call to be made available to other agents that may handle the call via transfer or conference. The platform also supports connectors to many 3rd party applications, platforms, databases, and web services enabling data to be easily shared between these systems and your Cisco telephony environment. Click here for a video demo of the integration

A CDC Platform implementation, due to the complex nature of most enterprise customer's telephony environments, requires an initial discovery session with the customer to gather information about the customer's existing telephony system. On completion of the discovery session conference call, the platform will be configured with the rules required to enable the desired behavior and deployed within the customer's premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. Typical installations are completed within 2-3 weeks. All current Cisco platforms are supported. Get more information at CDC Software or by email request to

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