Chatdesk Trends

Chatdesk Trends

Automatically tag, search, and visualize customer feedback from all web sources.

Free for teams with basic reporting needs (up to 2,000 tickets per month).

  • Incredible insights - Chatdesk Trends automatically tags customer feedback across email, chat, social, reviews, and surveys using machine learning. View all your feedback in one integrated dashboard that links to the original sources.

Combine data across all your messages and tickets, then export it to a CSV or your data warehouse. See all your feedback about any specific issue. Sort by delivery service, SKU and more.

  • Easy to use – Trends tags tickets for sentiment, customer ID, and any specific issues raised, with an average tagging accuracy of 90%+ across more than 70 tags. You can also create custom tags and filters for needs that are specific to your business, like product defects.

Businesses can save money by quickly identifying root causes of negative customer experiences, like a bad delivery service or a problematic product.

  • Save time - Our users have taken thousands of hours per year back from manual tagging and reporting. Launch in minutes. No dev work or pre-work needed.

Simply click install. Then, reach out to to finish creating an account. We'll get back to you soon!

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