Callexa Feedback

Callexa Feedback

Easily survey your customers based on the established "Net Promoter Score".

Callexa's approach is a simple 1 click survey based on the well-established "Net Promoter® Score" (NPS). It measures the willingness of your customers to recommend your shop to their friends or colleagues. By doing so, your customer puts his credibility on the line, which evidentially results in more accurate results than a simple star rating.

Our customizable survey template is optimized for mailings and compatible with most email clients, web mail services or web browsers. Adapt it to your needs with custom text blocks, personalized salutation and your company logo. No tedious scripting, what you see is what you get. Plus you can add followup questions or tags for more detailed feedback.

With our Zendesk integration a survey is sent to the customer automatically whenever a ticket is resolved. Ratings and comments are synced back by attaching a note to the ticket.

Our well-arranged dashboard keeps you informed about the feedback coming in and our detailed reports help you to evaluate your service quality.

  1. Register a free account at
  2. Create a survey and customize the layout and content as you like.
  3. Open the "Integrations" tab of your newly created survey and activate the Zendesk card.
  4. Type in your help desk domain and click continue.
  5. If activation is successful a settings dialog will appear, allowing you to define how many days to wait with a survey after a ticket has been resolved.
  6. Automation is now active, just follow your daily routine and wait for the feedback to come in.

Check out our full Zendesk Integration Guide at:

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