How to become a number one manufacturing supplier with CX

The manufacturing landscape is shifting, bringing new challenges and opportunities. The demand for ultra-customer centricity, self service, and digital disruption is heightening. Especially as we see that there is a huge opportunity when we streamline the communication in workflows.

Hear from Christopher Davey, Strategic Solution Consultant at Zendesk and Caroline Lee, Industry Expert at Zendesk as they share best practices on how by connecting and consolidating information from a variety of systems, manufacturers can also improve field service productivity and improve customer loyalty.

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What’s next for the future of Manufacturing?

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Staying at the top of the game as a manufacturer is no easy task. It takes constant vigilance, a willingness to discard outdated tactics, and becoming comfortable with change and new technologies. Increasing customer-centricity and optimising for a digital future are some of the key bets for the future of manufacturing.

But what are the game-changing technologies you should be aware of? How can manufacturers deliver tomorrow’s CX today?

Join our Industry Expert, Caroline Lee as she dusted off her crystal ball and unveiled five big bets for the future of CX in manufacturing.

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Manufacturers Selling Direct to Consumers: Embracing the digital

What you should know about the order to cash process

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