6 ways to transform your customer relations in 2022

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6 ways to transform your customer relations in 2022

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Some retailers had already realised the importance of customer relationships and began anticipating their customers' needs. They decided to go beyond contact forms and phone calls, adopting an omnichannel approach instead. These retailers played their cards right. Some even managed to increase revenues whilst maintaining both customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Others had a much more difficult time. Companies were shown the strength of their brands in terms of trust, customer focus and convenience. They also faced record numbers of customer interactions with questions on a greater range of topics than ever before. But Zendesk has been by their side, helping them streamline their businesses as remote working became the new norm.

We've listed six ideas that you can implement straight away to help your business transition successfully:

  • Promote agility: support change and accelerate the return on investment.
  • Remove borders between digital and physical commerce: create a seamless, omnichannel experience wherever the point of sale.
  • Learn from innovators: e-commerce giants, of course, but also startups finding ways to make experiences (both agent and customer) even smoother with AI and data.
  • Capitalise on conversational commerce: find common ground with customers and interact with them on the channels they use regularly.
  • Invest in customer care: customer service not only creates happy customers but also helps boost engagement and long-term business.
  • Value your agents: boost their productivity, loyalty and readiness to tackle tomorrow's challenges by improving the employee experience.

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