Context matters

Context matters

Whether it’s gathering better information or seeing what steps a customer has taken to already resolve a problem, context can make a big impact. Agents who are empowered with information can provide a faster, more tailored customer experience.

Solve customer inquiries with less back and forth

By using a unique form for different types of customer requests, you can ensure they're automatically routed to the right place. And because agents have additional details that are relevant to the customer’s specific problem, both agent and customer save time.

See where the customer has already been

Most customers try to resolve a problem themselves before getting in touch. Give agents insight into what steps a customer has already taken with the Pathfinder app to provide more efficient, personal support.

Pathfinder gives us invaluable context and insights into the customer journey, allowing us to personalise interactions, solve issues more efficiently, and optimise the full experience for our users.

– James Baldwin

Sr Manager, User Advocacy, Change.org

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