Helpdesk for Wordpress

Comments are not just comments anymore. Have you ever personally wanted to respond to a comment but not sure how to go about it?

Stay on top of conversations that take place with Zendesk Support's WordPress helpdesk. Agents can manage questions and problems from blog readers, directly from WordPress. Create an interactive and loyal community by signaling to your readers that you are listening. WordPress users that are looking for an easy, yet simple method to achieve full featured customer support solution...this is the one for you.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Support for WordPress plugin is a great tool to integrate a robust helpdesk into the WordPress workflow. Users can easily respond to their readers' comments, while ensuring that they are providing top-notch support to their current and potential clients. Your blog users won't need to register with Zendesk, instead, they can just plugin with their credentials from your own free blog. Safe, secure and super easy.

Did you know?

Manage Zendesk Support tickets from WordPress backend and keep track of all support requests assigned to you directly in WordPress. Access all your ticket information and update as needed.

You never have a request or customer fall through the cracks. Manage all your Helpdesk support tickets from one single place and respond with quick solutions, offering your customers a theme "that you are listening to them."

Enjoy the benefits

The benefits of using Zendesk Support with a WordPress helpdesk are:

  • Agents are able to manage questions and problems from blog readers
  • Agents have the ability to create an interactive dialogue with readers
  • Users can easily respond to their readers' comments assuring top-notch customer support

Extend your reach

Provide your customers with the freedom to comment to your blog, giving them the attention they need to feel like a loyal and supported customer.