Help more customers in less time

Creating efficient workflows to improve collaboration

The Zendesk Support Team plan offers the customisation you need to automate time-consuming tasks and processes, and promote teamwork across your company.

Automate with care

Streamlining key processes such as triage, reminders and ticket escalations is a high priority for most growing support operations. These manual and often broken processes occur frequently and account for a significant part of a support team’s time.

Triggers and automations are easy to set up and can offload the administrative burden. You simply outline a specific situation and then choose an action that should be automatically performed on tickets in that situation. And you’re able to customise each rule and notification to ensure it aligns with the unique customer experience your team strives to provide.

Automating these redundant chores allows your agents to focus on more strategic or complex activities.

Plug and play

Organisations leverage all kinds of systems to build their customer journey. Whether it’s a CRM, email marketing programme, bug tracking software or any number of other tools, they all house valuable information about your client’s history with your company.

When this information is easily accessible for your support agents, they spend less time swivelling and toggling for information and more time focusing on the customer interaction. This contextual level of service builds better relationships with your customers.

The apps marketplace offers 600+ apps and integrations which can be added right to the ticket interface, meaning agents can see all the information they need without wasting time flipping through tabs and browsers.

Encourage collaboration

Gone are the days of the customer service department being siloed away from the rest of the company. Providing a truly great experience requires collaboration from multiple teams, including sales, billing, product development and perhaps even multiple tiers of support.

Orchestrating collaboration across these different functions is made easy by segmenting each team as their own group of agents within your account. Your team no longer needs to play messenger between the customer and other departments. You’re able to assign tickets to each group, create customised views to ensure they see only the requests that pertain to them and deploy business rules that help to manage their workflow as well.

Now everyone (including your customers!) will benefit from the increased visibility and seamless transitions as the conversation develops.

Know your customers

Whether B2B, B2C or B2E, we all have customers. And the better we know our customers, the more tailored experience we can provide.

With the Team plan, you can create customised fields to track attributes about the customers you support- both at the individual and company level. These could include renewal date, products purchased, address, or maybe even their birthday :)

You can also assign your users to organisations that represent the company they belong to. This allows you to view all tickets submitted from the same organisation or even to route tickets from key accounts direct to a specialist, both of which are essential for delivering the catered experience your customers expect.

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