IT Ticketing System Free

IT ticketing system free

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As organizations grow, so do the complex demands placed on the IT service desk for better and more reliable customer service. Without an IT Ticketing System, IT help desks can begin to break down and lose the ability to effectively deliver the support employees need to do their work. That's where Zendesk Support comes in.

Moving forward

As the primary point of interaction between IT and the organization, your IT ticketing system needs to set the tone for great customer service. Your IT system must allow complex behind-the-scenes scenarios and technology software integrations that the rest of the company doesn’t see. In addition, it must be adaptable enough to monitor the continual needs of both IT and customer service.

Did you know?

Zendesk Support's powerful automation tools easily track and manage incident problems, trouble tickets, events, changes, and service requests. Pre-defined responses, called macros, automatically solve common problems faster by issuing a pre-planned response. Support’s IT help desk software also tags issues to report, categorize, and track problems across tickets. In addition, it keeps records of phones, computers, monitors, and more by integrating with common IT asset management tools.

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