Free Ticketing Software

Free ticketing software

What is free ticketing software?

A free ticketing system for customer service takes customer requests for support and creates an automated customer-service ticket. Because companies face an ever-growing number of channels customers use for service (for example, social media, email, and live chat), providing consistent service can prove challenging.

Without a free (or paid) ticketing system such as Zendesk Support, your help desk’s channels won't be able to “talk” to each other, which can result in two agents responding to the same customer—not an ideal situation for your team or the user.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Support, which comes with a free trial, is a ticketing system that can help your customer support team avoid these problems. As a shared inbox for all customer inquiries and questions, it’s help desk software that collects data that your team can use to better serve users and work more efficiently. It also offers built-in workflows, automations, and macros that can save time, meaning your agents will respond faster and more effectively. That means happier customers (and agents).
Zendesk Support's ticketing system example

The power of customization

When your help desk starts using Support, team members (with management’s input) will be able to customize workflows, integrate apps (many of which are free) from the Zendesk marketplace, and even develop new apps using our robust API. Rich, actionable data is also just a click away in Support's easy-to-navigate interface; with customer analytics and machine learning, you can deliver personalized service and better understand and predict customer satisfaction, measure performance, and uncover insights that can elevate your level of service.

Did you know?

Although there are free ticket systems, the benefit of no fees will be offset by your need to manage and host the system, as well as fewer features. Besides offering a free trial, Support comes in five versions: Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. This pricing allows you to choose the right help desk software for you business, and it will scale as your company grows.

That flexibility includes multi-channel support in more than 40 languages, and if you have multiple products and/or a global reach, you will be able to brand your help desk accordingly, with all instances tied together for maximum efficiency. Support help desk software allows you to set business hours, track time spent on tickets, and enact service-level agreements that will keep you on the path to meeting your company’s commitments.

Keep your agents happy

One of the best ways you can keep your customer service helpdesk happy is by removing roadblocks and inefficient workflows. By using Support’s business rules, you can start a process based on ticket changes or time-based conditions, and the built-in best practices can be customized to fit any workflow. Customizable views enable agents to see their queue based on ticket status, assignee, group, and other conditions, which takes the guesswork out of managing their responsibilities.

Meanwhile, dynamic request forms give your employees the right context without delay, so they will always be ready to assist a user.

Support software also encourages collaboration between employees, who can CC coworkers and share information using internal notes on tickets. Live editing shows who is viewing a ticket and any changes they make in real time. And Support’s mobile functionality lets employees handle tickets when they are away from their desks, giving your team that extra bit of flexibility needed to set your company apart from competitors.

Next steps

No ticket system is better than its support team. When you choose Support, the Zendesk Advocate team will be at your disposal to help you solve problems over the phone, via email, and through live chat.

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