Enterprise Plan

Simplify as you scale

Build a support environment fit for your growing operation

The Zendesk Support Enterprise plan provides the means to build a customer journey that’s adaptable and enables you to stay ahead.

Boost productivity

As a growing customer service operation, you are probably serving many different types of requests, with each type requiring unique information before it can be triaged, routed and resolved.

By creating a guided experience with multiple ticket forms and conditional fields for the various types of requests you serve, you’re able to gather all the necessary information from the customer in advance.

This simple change at the beginning of the process pays significant dividends later on. Instead of requiring a frustrating back-and-forth process between your agents and customers, your business rules have all the details needed to bypass triage and assign the ticket straight to the appropriate agent. That ultimately means fewer agent touches, a faster resolution time and higher customer satisfaction.

Work smarter

It can be difficult to keep a focus on customer satisfaction as ticket volumes continue to rise. But providing your agents with more context about the customer can make that task a bit easier.

Zendesk’s machine learning capabilities predict the likelihood of a satisfactory outcome while the customer conversation is on-going. This forecast helps you prioritise tickets based on the most at-risk conversations, allowing you to step in and turn a dissatisfied customer into a happy one.

Once you’re interacting with the customer, your agents are able to see which pages a customer viewed on your website or in your knowledge base both before and after submitting their request. Instead of potentially directing someone to an article they’ve already seen, your agent can elaborate on the topic or even point the customer to a page they might have missed during their search.

These tools help your agents better understand the customer’s perspective in the moment, which helps them provide a more tailored experience.

Divide and conquer

Designing a world-class customer service operation is... difficult. While this is the goal for most administrators, every organisation seems to have different structures and workflows that need to be defined, implemented and developed.

Keeping up with all that while still getting some sleep at night requires a team effort; but bringing multiple administrators into your instance can create its own set of challenges too.

It can be easy for folks to accidentally step on each other’s toes and cause confusion if all your agents have full access throughout the account. By defining customised roles in your instance, you’re able to give each agent the appropriate level of access to the tools they need, which prevents the duplication of efforts or adjustments that cancel each other out. This allows you to define agent roles that suit your own organisational structure and workflow without throwing more and more admins or consultants at the problem.

Hourly insights

As part of a growing operation, more and more stakeholders across your company are sure to be taking an interest in customer service trends that are impacting the business. Fortunately, they are showing a keen interest in your performance, but they often want near real-time data so they can adjust and adapt as needed.

To ensure you can speak to both the customer journey and your team’s performance, you’ll need a powerful reporting tool capable of granular analysis on the fly.

With hourly Insights, your dashboards will refresh on an hourly basis to provide you with those near real-time reports, meaning you can identify key trends throughout the day and make the necessary moves to ensure the best outcome.

Iterate with care

When scaling a customer service operation, the only constant is change. Whether you’re making an adjustment to a business rule or trying out a new app, evolving alongside the needs of your customers and agents is a must.

While “change management” isn’t the most exciting topic, when done poorly it can lead to confusion, wasted time and unhappy customers.

To ensure your changes go off without a hitch, you’ll want to first test out any potential changes in your worry-free sandbox environment. And as you ultimately roll out improvements in your live production account, the audit log serves as a place for leadership to view all system-critical changes implemented across the instance, keeping everyone on the same page.

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