Bring the customer journey full circle

Bring the customer journey full circle

Improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and customer lifetime value.

Improve customer satisfaction

Your customers see you as one brand, not siloed departments. Their frustration increases when they’re passed through sprawling channels of communication between support and sales.

Centralizing your customer conversations allows you to better control the experience with a single and consistent conversation that reduces customer effort and makes these interactions more satisfying for your customers.

Boost productivity

When you have siloed and sprawling communication, your support and sales teams aren’t able to share information, collaborate, or solve customer problems in a productive manner.

With the right context from the right person, teams are more productive while helping customers- this decreases handle times, reduces back-and-forth and increases agent productivity.

And all of this data, from customer request, ticket routing, to assignment, and resolution can all be analyzed to pinpoint areas of productivity improvement.

Retain and upsell customers

As customers provide positive or negative feedback, your sales team have complete visibility and can communicate directly with the customer within Support to address negative issues before it’s too late.

Agents can have visibility into your account and opportunity information within Support. This allows agents to tailor their conversations to existing functionality that would benefit customers or even promote something they might be interested in.

Together you build the credibility to strengthen the relationship so you can retain and grow your loyal customers.

Integrate into your CRM

In just a few clicks harness the information from your current CRM. Check out our Apps Marketplace for integrations into Salesforce, Base, Zoho, and more.

Seamlessly add sales teams

See how easy it is to add your sales and other customer-facing teams to your Zendesk Support account. Learn more tips on adding and managing groups here.

Want a tour?

Join Ben Collet, Zendesk’s own Global Director of Customer Advocacy, in conversation with leaders from our sales and finance departments about how they’ve created a seamless cross-departmental experience for our customers, such as fielding: sales inquiries, billing adjustments, product questions, and other operational requests.

During this webinar we’ll discuss how unifying these departments within one platform has led to a more efficient and satisfactory experience for our customers while also increasing employee productivity.

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Learn how Mortgage Coach increased productivity and, more importantly, provided the enterprise with more visibility into its customers.