Customer Service Solutions

Customer service solutions

Make customer service solutions work for you
What are customer service solutions?
Customer service solutions are the practices, tools and technologies a company uses to provide the best possible customer experience. Once customers or prospects are in the company's database, customer service solutions ensure that all their interactions with Sales, with the contact center or through social media result in full customer satisfaction.

Zendesk has built software from the ground up for better customer relationships. The Zendesk family of products is designed for greater customer engagement through better customer support, for small businesses up through global enterprises.

A different kind of customer service

No longer does it suffice to answer a customer's phone call, provide a little information, take an order and then hang up. In the era of multichannel customer care, agents switch among phone calls, live chat, email, live social media messages and website forms.

Customer service solutions extend to web self-service resources that enable customers and prospects to find answers on their own. Without agents interrupting their shopping experience, customers tend to spend more time on a website in their own kind of engagement.

Advantages of a better customer experience

When treated as they want to be treated, customers never have a reason to leave. All customers want a strong connection to a company that heeds the voice of the customer. That comes when management invests in the solutions and resources agents need to communicate with customers properly, such as help desk, knowledge management, analytics and contact center software.

The most useful tools enable the company to spend time in live interactions with customers. Being able to touch the customer anywhere on the company's platform at the point of decision can boost sales and strengthen relationships.

Solutions at the right time and place

Most companies learn quickly that inadequate customer service solutions cost time, money and valuable credibility. With the immediate, vocal nature of feedback displayed on social media, the future of customer service solutions begins to look more like the personal, human, live experience of a bygone era.

The right software provides customers with access when and where they want it: on the desktop, in the cloud, on mobile devices. But technology is only part of the solution. Successful companies manage the customer service experience well because they use analytics to understand their customers well.

Zendesk products operate in harmony so that customer service agents can do their job efficiently, with full access to the organization's expertise. Reducing the friction in every interaction between customer and agent is the best way to boost customer engagement and satisfaction, regardless of industry or size. Zendesk includes the analytics and reports that let organizations measure customer satisfaction today and deliver more of it tomorrow.