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The Suite


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The Suite Pricing
Billed annually (per agent per month)  £89  £149
Billed monthly (per agent per month)  £109  £179
Support Customer service ticketing
Email & social channels
Web Widget and Mobile SDK
Reports & dashboards
Private customised apps and integrations
Multiple Ticket Forms *
Business rules analysis
Customised roles and permissions
Guided mode
Satisfaction Prediction
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Guide Knowledge base and self-service
AI-powered suggestions with Answer Bot * *
Agent-only knowledge base
Flag and create knowledge with Knowledge Capture App
Reports & dashboards
Multilingual content**
Article life cycle management with Team Publishing
Identify knowledge gaps with Content Cues*
Multiple help centres**
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Chat Real-time chat
Unlimited chats, triggers & departments
Widget customisation
Public & private apps
Operating hours
Chat and agent reports
Conversion Tracking
Widget unbranding
Real-time dashboards
Roles and Permissions
Skills-Based Routing
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Talk Call centre software
Automatic ticket creation
Call recording & voice mail transcription
IVR phone trees
Call monitoring & barging
Callback from queue
Real-time dashboards & reporting
Talk Partner Edition
Monthly diagnostics
Talk Usage 99.95% SLA
Failover on demand
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*Currently in an Early Access Program.

** Feature availability depends on your Support subscription level

* Available as an Add-on