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Get seamless support with Zendesk and WhatsApp

Use social messaging to make a personal connection with customers, starting with the most popular—WhatsApp Business. Conversations will be more natural, and you can tie them all together in one unified workspace for your support teams by using Zendesk.

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What’s new with WhatsApp and Zendesk Support

Use what you know

Customer conversations on WhatsApp use your existing workflows in Zendesk Support

Respond straight away

Auto-responders let you reply to customers immediately with tailored messages on WhatsApp, so customers are not left waiting if agents are offline or busy with other tasks

Get it together

The dedicated notification panel feature streamlines incoming WhatsApp conversations, so agents can view everything from the Support dashboard

WhatsApp in Zendesk Support

Here’s the deal

WhatsApp is available as an add-on to the Professional and Enterprise plans for Zendesk Support and The Suite for £4.75 per agent, per month.*

*Seat purchases must match existing seat count for Zendesk Support.
Price does not include WhatsApp phone number. WhatsApp phone numbers cost $70/phone number/month.
Available on certain service plans.

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Facebook Business Manager ID

WhatsApp will not activate your account without this information. This number can be found in the “Business Info” section of your Facebook Business Manager Dashboard.

How to: Facebook Business Manager ID

Open your Facebook Business Manager

Desired WhatsApp Number

Please provide the number you wish to activate for your official WhatsApp Business Page. This can be any number, provided it is not already in use on WhatsApp.

Please note: you must be able to receive a PIN code via SMS or Voice on this number in order to complete activation.

How to: Desired WhatsApp number
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This is the name displayed when your message appears in your customers’ apps. It cannot be changed or edited later.

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