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That the tools sales teams work with today are not built with rep adoption in mind, and by leveraging technology, reps can free up time to focus on building meaningful relationships rather than laboring over manual tasks. Sales leaders should have answers to their pipeline questions before they even think there might be an issue. Sell is built to power a seamless and relationship-driven sales experience.

Sept 2018

Base (now Sell) acquired by Zendesk


Happy Sell customers

"We believe that Sell is the future sales platform for data-driven sales teams. Intelligence and usability is becoming a major competitive advantage in enterprise software." Stewart Gollmer Managing Director at Tenaya Capital

Base acquired by Zendesk

On September 10, 2018 Base (now Sell) was acquired by Zendesk so service and sales teams can better collaborate and improve the customer experience. Check out the news to learn more about the acquisition


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Sell's products eliminate the need for multiple sales point solutions by providing businesses with tools for email, phone dialling, lead scoring, reporting and more.