5 Steps to Becoming a Beloved Company

With Jeanne Bliss

Hundreds of companies have customers who admire them, but only an elite few have true advocates — passionate, vocal, loyal fans. Join us, along with Jeanne Bliss, author of 'I love You More than My Dog' ? for a webinar to learn the five key decisions that the worlds most beloved companies make towards ensuring customer loyalty. Jeanne Bliss outlines the steps you need to take to get on the right path towards becoming a beloved company — a path that is right for you, your company, and your people.

Best-selling author of both 'I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions that Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad' and 'Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action', Jeanne Bliss has fought valiantly for the past 25 years to transform the customer experience for US corporations, such as Microsoft, Mazda, Allstate, Coldwell Banker and Lands' End. Additionally, Jeanne Bliss founded CustomerBliss, a resource that provides an actionable path for driving profitability through customer focus. She is also the cofounder of the CXPA, Customer Experience Professionals' Association — a global non-profit organization positioned to guide and enhance the growing field of customer experience management.