How IT leaders tackle new challenges with security, AI, and CX

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Stay ahead in a competitive, rapidly changing digital landscape

Join us for a fireside chat featuring Matthias Goehler, EMEA CTO at Zendesk, and Emily Freeland, CX Strategist at Zendesk discussing customer and employee experience, AI application, and data security as top priorities for IT leaders.

Informed by recent research that surveyed 1,200 IT leaders, the conversation will cover the pressure of high competition, escalating customer expectations, and the prominence of new AI tools, all of which are reshaping their priorities. With half of those surveyed reporting a need to accomplish more with fewer resources, this topic is more relevant than ever.

This webinar will challenge you to examine and redefine your priorities for the coming year.

Key takeaways

Investing in CX and EX for better business outcomes

Evaluating your data privacy and security strategy

Taking a discerning approach to AI investments


Emily Freeland

Matthias Goehler

CX Strategist


Chief Technology Officer, EMEA



After the basics, what’s next? What are other companies doing to protect employees from cyber threats?

VP of Information Technology,

1000+ employee business 

Attendees will get access to the full report conducted by Zendesk

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