Enhancing CX efficiency, performance & quality using Zendesk WFM & Zendesk QA

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Don't miss the opportunity to see the powerful integration of Zendesk Workforce Management (formerly Tymeshift) and Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus), native to the Zendesk platform. Experience firsthand how this powerful alliance boosts customer service efficiency, performance, and quality. Uncover the smooth integration and benefits that these built-in solutions provide.

About the webinar

Our vision is bold yet simple – to offer unrivaled service experiences to every person around the globe. With AI that understands the nuances of customer support, we bring intelligence to each touchpoint, transforming every interaction into an opportunity for excellence.

Introducing WFM & QA

Integrating Zendesk's Workforce Engagement Solutions creates a seamless bond between Workforce Management 

(WFM) and Quality Assurance (QA). These solutions are an indispensable asset for transformative customer service that not only meets but exceeds modern demands.

 By merging WFM with QA, organisations can both cultivate an environment of continuous improvement, and create a foundation that supports a virtuous cycle of high-quality customer service delivery, robust agent development and customer loyalty. The synergy of WFM and QA unlocks the potential for AI and automation to enhance the capacity for quality interactions, provide clear visibility into team performance, foster a thorough understanding of customer engagements, pre-empt customer churn and build a team of fulfilled agents who excel in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

WFM (formerly Tymeshift)

Zendesk WFM is an AI-powered workforce management solution that automates forecasting, schedules agents by shifts and focus areas based on forecasts, and provides real-time and historical reporting on team performance. 

QA (formerly Klaus)

Zendesk QA helps customer support organisations automate quality assurance automations, which allows them to drive more revenue, boost CSAT scores, reduce churn and cut the costs of CX operations. 


Bob Mulder

Paule Matkeviciute

Richard Moloney

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