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Join Zendesk for a power-packed webinar designed exclusively for CX executives in the gaming industry. Level up your customer experience and eliminate player churn with actionable insights and best practices.

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Gain insights from industry peers and Zendesk experts.

Discover proven strategies to enhance player satisfaction and reduce churn.

See how Zendesk can help you create a frictionless and delightful customer journey.

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Welcome & Opening Keynote

Neil Cunningham, Senior Product Manager, Zendesk

Gaming and importance of CX Strategy

Vincent Lhuillier, Senior Customer Success Manager, Zendesk

What customers are achieving with Zendesk: Wargaming

Wargaming Player Support team and Angeliki Sarri, Account Executive, Zendesk

Product Demo

Avsar Cetin, Principal Solutions Consultant, Zendesk

Q&A with our Experts


Neil Cunningham

Vincent Lhuillier

Senior Product Manager,


Senior Customer Success Manager, Zendesk

Avsar Cetin

Angeliki Sarri

Principal Solutions Consultant, Zendesk

Account Executive, 



Player Support Team