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Elements helps teams at more than 3500 organizations be more productive with apps that reduce manual tasks and improve the information available to users and support agents. Elements Connect for Zendesk brings one of the top selling Jira apps to Zendesk, enabling agents to provide fast, accurate answers to customer requests.

A veteran software company, Elements has a decade of expertise in support desk apps. With Elements apps, businesses prevent data silos and make sure information is available in context to the right employee at the right time. Customers including Airbus, Apple, BBC, NASA, Nike, Oracle, Disney, BMW and Walmart trust Elements to help their teams work smarter. Our support team is frequently praised for its responsiveness and quality of service - you'll be in good hands using Elements Connect.

Elements is part of the Valiantys Group.

To find out more, visit https://zendesk.elements-apps.com/.

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