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A Better Shopping Experience: Shopify Live Chat

What is Shopify Live Chat?

Shopify live chat or Shopify chat support is a tool used with Shopify ecommerce software that allows online retailers to provide their customers with live chat support. Shopify chat is an excellent tool for retailers because it gives them the ability to assist shoppers who might otherwise abandon their shopping carts or bounce from the site altogether.

With Zendesk, all customer interactions and contextual data live in one place, so agents can begin a conversation in chat and move it to the customers' preferred channel.

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Many online retailers spend a significant portions of their budgets bringing people to their online stores, be it through digital ads, loyalty programs, or nurture emails. However, unlike their brick and mortar counterpart, when a customer arrives to the store or app, it can be difficult to provide support and streamline the path to purchase. Shoppers must typically fend for themselves if they can’t find something or have a question, and must either figure it out themselves or reach out to customer service via email or phone. This completely ruins the convenience of online shopping, and considering the oversaturation of online retailers, many customers will simply find what they’re looking for on a competitors site. Shopify live chat is the perfect solution to this, because it enables proactive support directly within the online store. Now online retailers can provide a similar level of personal, 1 on 1 support customers have expect in brick and mortar stores.

Did you know?

Shopify chat support is powerful tool for online retailers because it provides benefits for everyone involved. For customers:
  • Questions are answered in real-time.
  • Multitasking: shoppers can continue to browse while they chat.
  • It’s a real conversation. Unlike with email, customers can ask followup questions and get answers immediately.
And for retailers:
  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts. Customers can get the answers they need that would have otherwise caused them to prematurely end the shopping process.
  • Proactive support. Retailers can identify when shoppers appear stuck and proactively offer to help them complete the purchase.
  • Cost efficiency. Shopify chat is less expensive than phone support. Plus agents can work on multiple chats at once, further saving time and resources.

The right fit for your business

All online retailers who use Shopify ecommerce software should offer take advantage of Shopify live chat. It’s a great way to increase conversions and engage with customers. As a support channel, it’s a far more efficient alternative to email or phone.
An example of how Zopim Chat can be used for Shopify live chat via Zendesk.

How Zendesk helps

Zendesk’s Zopim live chat enables companies to offer Shopify live chat. Using it, retailers can offer their customers seamless customer service. With Zendesk, all customer interactions and contextual data live in one place, so agents can begin a conversation in chat and move it to the customers' preferred channel.

Proactive support is possible thanks to Triggers, a feature in Zopim that automatically notifies support agents when a customer has taken a defined set of actions that might indicate they are going bounce or abandon their shopping cart. This enables the support agent to help solve the problem before it’s too late.

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