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What is Magento Live Chat?

Magento live chat or Magento chat is a tool that lets online retailers who run on Magento ecommerce software provide live chat support to their customers. Usually made possible with a Magento chat plugin or extension, Magento live chat make it possible for online retailers to communicate with customers in real time, improving engagement and the customer experience.

Zendesk’s live chat is perfect for online shoppers, as it’s a seamless way for them to receive support without having to exit the shopping experience.

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When it comes to ecommerce, providing an outstanding customer experience is essential. Online shoppers have high expectations for things like ease of shopping and quality customer service. If they don’t get these on one online store, they can simply move to another to find what they need. Understanding this, savvy online retailers are increasingly looking to improve the customer experience, which in turn improves customer loyalty and retention.

One essential component to the customer experience is providing quick, personal customer service, something that has been a challenge for online retailers. Without the benefit of the kind of face to face interactions possible in brick and mortar stores, it can be difficult to meet a customer’s needs in a timely fashion. While email and phone have traditionally served as channels for support, online shoppers are beginning to demand something better. Enter Magento live chat.

Did you know?

Magento live chat lets online retailers communicate with and support customers directly within their online store. So if a customer is has a question that is getting in the way of a purchase—such as specifics about a return policy or details about a sale—the customer can reach directly to a support agent without having to move away from the shopping experience. It might not seem like much, but removing any barriers between browsing and purchasing will improve conversion rate and prevent customers from moving to a competitor.

Magento live chat also enables online retailers to provide proactive support, which lets them attempt to solve a problem before it arises. If the retailers sees that a customer has left items in their shopping cart, and bounced from the site, a customer service agent can initiate a chat with the customer the next time they return to the online store. They can then ask questions, determine what’s preventing them from completing the purchase, and work with the customer to solve the issue.

The right fit for your business

Magento live chat is perfect for online retailers who wish to provide their customers with the kind of great experiences that lead to better conversion rates. It’s also great for online retailers looking to get a competitive advantage, because having the ability to provide personal, 1:1 support can lead to greater customer loyalty and lifetime value.
An example of how Zopim Chat can be used for Magento live chat via Zendesk.

How Zendesk helps

Zendesk’s Zopim live chat is perfect for online shoppers, because more and more they are demanding a variety of ways to connect with online retailers. It’s a seamless way for them to receive support without having to exit the shopping experience.

And it’s great for retailers too. Support agents can work on multiple chats, increasing agent productivity and shortening resolution times for customers. Plus with Zendesk, all customer information is captured and stored in a single system, meaning agents will have everything they need to provide personalized support. Custom Triggers in Zopim can be created so agents will receive a notification when a customer is possibly having an issue that is preventing them from finalizing a purchase. The agent can they proactively reach out with via live chat and offer assistance.

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