Team up on email.

How teams use Inbox

  • First

    Talk amongst yourselves

    Emails bounce between clients, partners and your team. Inbox makes sure none of those conversations get lost in the abyss.

  • Second

    Respond as one

    Work as a team to manage a marketing campaign or any other influx of email. Make sure every bit of feedback is heard — and responded to.

  • Third

    Be there for your people

    Take part in every conversation — questions sent to, requests sent to, or general feedback sent to the team.

Discover the features

Email sorted

Inbox organises your team’s emails, so there’s no question about ownership. Assign an email to yourself or delegate to a team member.

Working together

Team members communicate behind the scenes within the customer's email thread. Exchange knowledge in a single place and come to a consensus before you reply.

Inline notifications

Share information with your teammates by @mentioning them in your internal team notes. They’ll be notified via email or browser.