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Identify relevant content for your FAQ page

Helping customers is a good way for businesses to increase loyalty and boost sales. Helping them to help themselves is even better. A FAQ page in a help center or company knowledge base is an integral part of any self-service strategy. It provides a quick way for customers to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Deciding what to include in the FAQ section isn't always obvious. Zendesk Guide is changing that.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Guide, in conjunction with Zendesk Explore, helps to maintain a tally on which articles are visited or commented on most. This way you have all of the information needed to decide which content to include in your FAQ section. And customers can find answers to their questions without having to conduct an extensive search.

What to look for

Tips for designing a FAQ page:
  • Develop and maintain a style guide to ensure consistency and quality
  • Ensure articles are short and easy to read
  • Recognize who the experts are and make sure they approve the copy
  • Avoid using technical terms or jargon if possible

All aboard customer experience

Customer questions will never completely stop, but by making sure that your company responds to those that are on the frequently asked list your customer service agents are better able to focus on providing answers to more difficult inquiries.

Next steps

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