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Keeping up with customer needs takes flexibility, resilience and a commitment to supporting your team. The pros – we call them CX Champions – do this flawlessly. We’re here to help you follow their lead – start by taking the CX Champions assessment to see how you stack up.

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88% of the 3,250 business decision-makers we talked to said CX stagnation is a business risk. In our report, they also shared how they avoid that risk – through prioritising value and customer satisfaction over everything.

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Regional Keynotes

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Reaching CX Champion status is no easy feat, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Join our comprehensive events to guide you on your quest to CX greatness.

Event Series

Zendesk on Zendesk

CX Champions provide top-tier customer service, thoroughly train their agents and invest in new operations tools. Our Zendesk on Zendesk series will provide insights to take your support a step further.

Event Series #1

Service excellence

Customers want to find answers on their own, but sometimes they still need a little help from you. Our self-service team will show you how to implement chatbots, set up proactive self-serve options and track the impact they have on your business.

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Event Series #2

Improved agent experience

As more agents work remotely, giving them the right tools is essential to creating smooth customer interactions. Learn how Zendesk remote support services can help close the digital work gap.

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Event Series #3

Streamlined business operations

CX Champions not only pull mature support teams together faster than any other category, they also see those teams as helping them stand out from the competition – leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Join the discussion and learn how to build a proactive, efficient customer experience.

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