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Zendesk Connect manages proactive customer communication across channels to deliver better customer experiences at scale

How many users will you message each month?

monthly messaged users If you message them... they will come. Push through the growing pains, young grasshopper. *Fist pumps* More power to you, message master. Contact us for a quote.


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*Prices shown are billed annually.
*Price of Zendesk Connect does not include the cost of email or SMS message delivery.

Pricing structure

How we measure up

Total users

No charge per user

Monthly-active users

No charge per active user

Monthly-messaged users

Pay only for users you send messages to

Get the message

A messaged-user is anyone who receives a message. Connect charges based on how many users you message in a month—we call this a monthly-messaged user. (MMU)

The more the merrier

Send as many messages to a MMU as you wish for no additional charge.