How many users will you message each month?

monthly messaged users If you message them... they will come. Push through the growing pains, young grasshopper. *Fist pumps* More power to you, message master. Contact us for a quote.


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* Prices shown are billed annually.
* Price of Zendesk Connect does not include the cost of email or SMS message delivery.

Pricing structure How we measure up

Total users No charge per user
Monthly-active users No charge per active user
Monthly-messaged users Pay only for users you send messages to
  • Get the message

    A messaged-user is anyone who receives a message. Connect charges based on how many users you message in a month—we call this a monthly-messaged user. (MMU)
  • The more the merrier

    Send as many messages to a MMU as you wish for no additional charge.

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