Be ahead of the game

Zendesk Connect manages proactive customer communication across channels to deliver better customer experiences at scale
Image: Zendesk Connect Product Logo

Put your data to work

Connect plugs into your existing Zendesk Support and Zendesk Talk accounts to engage customers and solve problems before they turn into negative experiences. Use your customer journey data along with Support to automate and evaluate proactive email, SMS, website and mobile messages.

Spread the word

  • Segment users

    Decide who gets a message based on actions they’ve completed in your product and within their Support history.
  • Send in real time

    No more waiting for batch jobs to finish—automate communication using our API, Zendesk Support and partner integrations.
  • Create recurring messages

    Send a message every time a customer matches the criteria of a triggered campaign. Limit message volume with frequency caps.

Get up close and personal

  • Personalise variables

    Compose messages based on user or event data. Include placeholder content for users who are missing info.
  • Fetch dynamic content

    Get text and images specific to each recipient just when a message is sent—ideal for suggesting items or creating email digests.
  • Conditional logic

    Decide what each user sees—include IF, ELSE and looping logic to display different message content based on the recipient’s status.

Track their steps

  • Reach existing users

    Automatically synchronise customers from Zendesk Support into Connect, including customised attributes, then use that data for segmentation.
  • Track ticket history

    Connect remembers when a ticket was created, updated, or solved in Support, so you can use that data to decide who receives messages and how they affect tickets with certain tags.
  • Track CSAT history

    Connect remembers positive and negative CSAT ratings so you can control the communication flow based on the quality of each customer’s experience.

Endless experimentation

  • A/B Testing

    Test multiple versions of a message at the click of a button. Choose to test the same channel (email vs email) or any combination (email vs push vs SMS).
  • Find the winner

    Work out which version of a message is the most successful; Connect will automatically choose the winning version for use in future messages.
  • Control groups

    Set a baseline by seeing how many users take action when you don’t send a message, then compare to the conversion rate based on when you do.