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Why focusing on customer retention is the #1 key to grow your business
You're probably already personalizing your communication to customers, like addressing them on a first-name basis in your messages. But if you want to take personalization to the next level (and we think you should), then you'll need to collect information about each customer, like activity, past purchases, and preferences. This type of information can make it easier to deliver push notifications to certain customers with specific information that they’ll find interesting.

Personalization and targeting allow your company to send relevant messages to customers that are less likely to be considered annoying and useless. Zendesk Connect+Outbound helps you create, automate, and optimize messages across web, SMS, email, messages in your product or app, and mobile push.

Define a situation

Segment users by their actions and attributes. The messages you send determine your product experience outside your website and apps. The single best way to provide value to your customers here is to make your messages specific and timely: our deep focus on events allows you to use the full history of each customer to build specific, real-time segments as we follow each user through your product.

Decide what you want to say

Set up real-time or one-off messages across channels. Now that you’ve defined a specific customer situation, you can take the content you want to share and create a responsive email, iOS /Android push, SMS or web notification that we’ll deliver in this situation. Customize it with user attributes, event data or content we fetch from your browser at send time.

Measure the effect of each message

Does your message cause users to act? We don’t just send messages and call it a day. Outbound tracks goals — actions you hope users will take as a result of a message — and gives you AB testing tools to test for the best content and channel to achieve them. Create variants of each message (across multiple channels), use our auto-optimizer to direct users to the winning variant and control groups to find out if the message is worth sending at all.

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