Enterprise Chat Solution

Enterprise chat solution

The chat solution that makes happier, more engaged customers

How is your enterprise ranking in the customer service department? Do you have customers waiting on the phone to resolve issues? Are replies to email enquiries less than immediate? Have you experienced lost sales because of it? A robust enterprise chat solution can solve all of that. Zendesk Chat can help.

The inside scoop

Real-time interactions with customers is possible with Zendesk Chat. This highly intuitive software anticipates customer needs, giving them the option to connect with an agent immediately — because no one wants to wait. And customers are 3X more likely to make a purchase when proactively approached with a chat. Agents are also able to help more customers in less time, so the joy is spread around.

Enjoy the benefits

Engaging with customers at the enterprise level is possible with Chat, which enables agents to:
  • Proactively engage with customers during the buying process
  • Connect with customers quickly and responsively in real time
  • Automatically reach out with a chat
  • Monitor visitor browsing for targeted offers of help

Next steps

With the help of detailed analysis of agent productivity, customer conversion rates and chat volume, Chat makes it possible to anticipate customer needs and improve satisfaction rates. Request your free trial of Chat today and see how more engaged customers are happier customers.

Experience is everything.

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