Champions of customer service

Being a champion in customer service is not an easy task but integral for any company in order to retain their customers.

Download Zendesk’s annual CX trends report to see how you can keep ahead of growing expectations in 2021, as well as our findings with the Retail Gazette on how customer experience in retail has changed.

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Redefining CX for a new era

The world has changed. Your customer experience needs to change with it.

Customers have new expectations. Teams need to operate differently. And management is more focused on keeping customers from walking out the door.

Zendesk CX Trends 2021 report research explores this year’s top trends and identifies what companies should do to keep up.


  • Spotlight on CX
  • A more conversational world
  • Emphasis on agility
  • The future of work is now
  • The digital tipping point

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How customer service in retail has changed forever

Want to hear how CX Champions such as Fortnum & Mason, MADE.COM, New Look and more have needed to be agile in transforming their business strategy to keep up with the growing expectations of the customer, Read our report in collaboration with Retail Gazette on “How customer service in retail has changed forever.”

Key takeaways:

  • Messaging & social media is at the forefront of CX
  • The rise of e-commerce in the retail environment
  • Enabling teams with the right technology - whilst in store or remote

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