Zendesk Expands. San Francisco Mayor Takes Note

Published August 31, 2011
Last modified August 31, 2011

This past week, Zendesk achieved a significant milestone: we expanded to more than 100 employees worldwide and moved into brand new offices in San Francisco.

But despite the growth, we've not gone all corporate. There's still plenty of Zendesk customer love coming for for all who visit. The only major difference between then and now is that we have a spacious 17,500 square feet to stretch out in. This is especially significant when you consider that only last month, we had to take over Mikkel's office whenever he left to grab coffee for lack of meeting rooms. Now we have what feels like limitless meeting space. It's awesome.

And there's a fully stocked kitchen, a game room for Guitar Hero showdowns, and plenty of room for expansion. In fact, Zendesk still has plenty of job openings in engineering, sales and marketing with openings in San Francisco, London, and Melbourne. Join our team. We rock!

Our new offices are located near BART at 989 Market Street (cross is 6th). If you're using Zendesk and want to come by and visit, just let us know. We've already had some great visits from customers this week...and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee!! He came by to officially welcome us to the neighborhood.

We've got so many good things in store. Not only do we have a number of fantastic new features we'll be releasing in the not too distant, as well as loads of enhancements to existing features, we plan on putting down even firmer roots here in the city. We want to not only be a thriving business here, we want to be good citizens too. Our first effort toward that goal is a $1M pledge to the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

We love San Francisco. We love our customers. And we love our new office space. Come by and visit!