What everyone should know about integrated phone support

By Amanda Roosa

Published November 1, 2018
Last updated November 1, 2018

Even in the age of email, social media, and whatever new support channel is just around the corner, customers still want the option to call a support agent. Whether it’s to resolve complex support issues or to receive personalised service, many people appreciate companies that make the investment in providing quality support over the phone.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t have an integrated solution for phone support. Most agents can’t track calls or multiple customer touch points. Agents have to manually create a separate ticket and often answer the phone with zero customer context.

Isn’t it time we shine a light onto phone support operations? Phone support can be expensive when it comes to agent time—however, with integrated insights you can better understand how to staff, how many calls agents take, and how ticket volume from your phone channel compares to other channels. You can also have the benefit of full customer history, automatic ticket creation, call recording and other time-savings tools. When agents can provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other channels, agents can focus on resolving issues instead of workflow.

Gain visibility

Take Zendesk customer Taylor Stitch for example. The men and women’s apparel company uses Zendesk Talk to connect with its busiest customers. Potential customers are typically looking for quick answers to their questions about sizing or package tracking. Calling and talking to a representative minimises waiting and provides an answer within minutes. Mina Aiken, Director of Customer Experience at Taylor Stitch, explains, “Zendesk Talk allows our team to deliver excellent customer experiences as our business continues to grow. Our agents have everything they need—customer history, order details and previous tickets—all in one place, for fast, personal support.”

As for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, they earned a 35% improvement in phone CSAT with the Zendesk omnichannel solution. Thanks to integrated email and phone support, the State of Tennessee’s customer service metrics increased across the board, including full resolution time, first reply time, and customer satisfaction. “If you look at the satisfaction score from January when we added 30 call center agents, that was 62.4 percent, and then within eight months it had jumped 35 percent to 84.2 percent,” said Director of Customer Success Joseph Garcia.

Increase CSAT

When Limebike, a dockfree bikeshare company, expanded from its initial two national markets in under six months, they saw ticket volume shoot up from 1,500 to 8,000 tickets in the span of just one month. Active in more than 50 markets worldwide, 68% of the company’s ticket volume is comprised of SMS text messaging and phone calls.


“When you’re scaling rapidly, it’s important that all your communication channels are connected. We wanted to have email and phone in one place, see stats and get feedback from customers, and to be able to share that out to the team and to each city we serve,” explained Lakeysha Hayes, domestic and international customer service manager at LimeBike.

The desire for a unified omnichannel system led LimeBike to adopt Zendesk Support and Zendesk Talk for customer support. “Having strong customer service is one of our competitive advantages. That is how we have been able to win hearts and markets,” Hayes said. LimeBike shares its customer satisfaction data for the cities it serves—across the board, on average, the team earns a 93 percent CSAT rating. “I cannot imagine doing this with information in multiple systems,” Hayes said. “There’s just no way we’d be successful. Having everything centralised is definitely the number-one thing that helps our team.”

Winning hearts through the power of conversation

A phone conversation is a powerful way to solve a problem—even in the age of email and social media. When customers get help over the phone, agents can resolve complex issues faster and deliver personalised support. The Zendesk Benchmark report shows that tickets handled through live chat channels like phone and chat see higher CSAT, fewer re-opens, and faster first resolution times.

Zendesk Talk customers have seen a 27% increase in agent productivity and a 20% reduction in operating costs. Zendesk Talk is a cloud-based call center software that’s built right into the Zendesk Support ticketing system, allowing customer service teams to provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other channels. With full customer history, automatic ticket creation, and call recording, agents can focus on conversations instead of workflow, ultimately increasing CSAT.

Tune in to the webinar “Rethinking phone support with Zendesk Talk” to learn more about how Zendesk Support and Talk work better together.