Tip of the Week: Build Reports with GoodData for Zendesk

Published May 27, 2011
Last modified May 27, 2011

GoodData for Zendesk is an integration that enables Zendesk Plus+ customers to build insightful and powerful support metrics using GoodData's web-based business intelligence platform.  Plus+ customers have always had access to an export of their ticket data; GoodData for Zendesk makes it easy to start analyzing this data by offering instantly relevant pre-built dashboards and reports using your data.

A killer feature of GoodData is its ad-hoc visual report builder which allows you to quickly see the results of your changes.  We're going to walk you through building a new report and highlight the flexibility that GoodData for Zendesk provides, allowing you to achieve the exact view of your data that you desire.

Let's build a tabular report which will highlight unsolved ticket backlog by group and priority.  The first things to define in the report builder are: what do you want to measure and how do you want to measure it?

In this case, what we want to measure is the number of unsolved tickets.  Your GoodData for Zendesk project already provides this as an out-of-the-box metric.  Select the What dropdown to show all available ticket metrics.

Click Done.  Notice that the interactive report builder will already show you the results of your first change to the report:

Next, how we want to measure our number of unsolved tickets is by group and priority.  Select the How dropdown to select the Group and Priority ticket fields.  The report builder provide an attribute search for quickly locating your fields if you have a high number of Zendesk fields.

Click Done.  The report builder will show you a table of all unsolved tickets by group and further segmented by priority.

If you're interested in a smaller subset of this data, GoodData provides the ability to filter the results even further.  Select the Filter dropdown to show available filters.

Choose Select From a List of Values. The attributes you selected in the dropdown will automatically be shown at the top of the list.  Maybe you're only interested in tickets that are directly related to customer product issues, which includes all unsolved tickets currently owned by Level 1, Level 2 and Development groups.  Select Group to filter by these groups.

After selecting Group, we are presented with a list of valid values which we can use to only show tickets assigned to the appropriate groups.

The resulting table below shows only unsolved tickets for groups Level 1 Support, Level 2 Support and Development.

If you want to provide sums by Group and in totals for the number of unsolved tickets, right click on the # Unsolved Tickets header to easily insert sum totals.

The end result is a table describing the number of unsolved tickets divided by group and priority, filtered only to the groups that you're interested in, with ticket counts summed by group and total.

As shown in this simple example, GoodData for Zendesk provides advanced tools for creating ad-hoc reports that will help you build better metrics for measuring and managing your support business.  If you're a Zendesk Plus+ or trial customer and have yet to try GoodData for Zendesk, get started now.