Paul Carr Lives up to His Curmudgeonly Accent

Published December 3, 2010
Last updated December 3, 2010

There’s just something about Brits. Even when they’re being upbeat they sound like grumpy old farts. Paul Carr, former journalist and now TechCrunch staffer is no exception – he gets away with being grumpy because his writing is…. awesome. As a journalist there are people who’s writing, for whatever reason, just resonates with me – Carr is one of those.

Anyway – moving on from a paragraph of over-the-top flattery, I came across a video the other day that included not only Carr, but also Gary Vaynerchuk, the naturally caffeinated founder of WineLibraryTV and social media evangelist and extrovert.

In the video – the two discuss whether or not social media is overrated. Given my recent post eviscerating social media gurus, it seemed timely to post this video for your Friday enjoyment and edification.