Let’s get serious about improving the customer experience

By Brett Grossfeld

Published May 26, 2017
Last updated May 26, 2017

A smooth customer experience calls for a tailored and proactive customer service, the kind that anticipates the issues a customer may have. Feeling like their hand is being held through a situation inspires both comfort and confidence in customer service. Unfortunately it’s common for customers to feel as though they’re helping the agent solve an issue or, even worse, feel like they’re guiding multiple agents towards a solution. It’s not surprising that 89% of customers get frustrated when they have to repeat information to multiple service representatives.

Companies know how imperative it is to better understand how their customers interact with their brand so they can provide a better customer experience. The Gartner report “Customer Experience Innovation 2017” found that many companies are looking to do just that. 41% of those they surveyed said they plan to increase their investment in customer analytics to better understand their audience.

But how to successfully do so? It can’t be done by a single department, it takes buy-in and a cross-functional effort amongst various teams. The different metrics and technologies that measure Customer Experience can be linked to financial indicators (like revenue). To prove the ROI of new data-driven strategies require the sort of stability that only an entire organization can support.

What’s the future of Customer Experience?

It’s an almost daily occurrence now to hear of advancements in AI and how it can solve many of the problems that companies face. According to Gartner, 55% of organization will be implementing machine learning (ML) in some way in the next 3 years. Machine learning has the capability to automate the way that simple tasks and easy questions are dealt with. For service agents, this means their workflow will be more streamlined and they’ll have more time to spend on complex tasks. For the customer, it means faster and smarter self-service support.

Gartner’s report on “Customer Experience Innovation 2017” gives insight into the new analytic processes and technologies that will drive ROI in the near future. The strategy of better understanding customers and implementing the right measurements via AI are what will be key for improved Customer Experience.

For a limited time, you can download Gartner’s “Customer Experience Innovation 2017 – AI Now on the CX Map”.