How to get started with Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Published October 17, 2018
Last modified October 17, 2018

Customer interactions are constantly evolving in the ways customers communicate, the channels they use, and how often they do it. To keep your business moving forward, you need to adopt an omnichannel customer service strategy. But that isn’t something that can be done overnight. In fact, you might not know where to begin with an omnichannel strategy, how to rollout additional channels, how to staff agents on those channels, or how admins can keep up with it all.

Hear Mark Bloom, Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk, as he discusses the people, processes, and technology involved in a successful omnichannel strategy.

Here’s what we cover:

  • How investing in CX can help grow your business
  • How to approach additional channels
  • Methods for omnichannel staffing for different team sizes
  • Previews of omnichannel journeys from the customer, agent and admin perspective

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