Ep. 7: The Angel

Published December 15, 2010
Last modified December 15, 2010

Watch episode five of Zendesk's Holiday Special Merry Holidays, Please Hold, a comedy series about bad customer service, playing throughout December. Also, sign up for new episode notifications by email and enter to win an Xbox 360 with Kinect!

Episode 6:

in which Nelson mistakes a pissed off bartender for an angel.

Extreme drunkeness has finally taken hold of Matt Nelson, creator of all things bad in customer service. Outside the bar where his credit card has been declined he mistakes the pissed off waitress as an angel come to show him the true meaning of Christmas.

The pissed off waitress, Sophie, doesn't care what Holiday movie he thinks he's in. She just needs to get him home. What she doesn't know is that the Evil Three will be following them every step of the way...

About Merry Holidays, Please Hold

Matt Nelson, head of Matt Nelson International Social E-Consulting Enterprise Leverage Solutions, has been helping businesses develop their customer service strategies for years. As a result, he singlehandedly invented bad customer service. Hold music, byzantine phone trees, rude coffee shop workers, and the fax machine as a customer support tool are all inventions sprung from Nelson’s cold, dead heart.

But this holiday season, the tables will finally turn on our anti-hero, as he’s shown the true meaning of customer service – both the good and the bad. In this 10-episode comedy web series, Nelson takes a Christmas Carol-like journey through the customer service wasteland he has created; a place where doughnut vendors require voluminous contracts before they sell their goods and restaurant servers become possessed by automated voice-prompt menus. Will he survive? Will he see the errors of his way? Will he stop using fax machines? Tune in and find out.