Help your agents to make the right decisions.

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With Zentree it's easy to build interactive decision trees for your agents. Right inside Zendesk! You don't need another external system, neither in the cloud nor elsewhere.

Zentree can be used

  • for troubleshooting
  • as a guide through complex processes
  • as workflow helper
  • for call scripts
  • as decision finder
  • for diagnosis
  • for consulting
  • and for a nearly endless number of other situations where a structured step by step approach will help you getting closer to your goal.

Although Zentree is very powerful, it is extremely easy to use. Easy for both the agents and the authors. And that's all you need to be to get your decision tree built: An author. No coding or programming is needed. Just create the questions and answers you need and use the graphical editor to combine them. All you need is drag and drop to design the decision flow.

Using Zentree will

  • make your agents faster, as they do not need to leave Zendesk to look up needed information in another system.
  • make your agents self-confident, as they know they will be guided step by step, even if they just started.
  • make your customer happy, as they get consistent and correct answers, no matter to whom they had contact with in you company.
  • reduce the time needed for training.

Be sure to have a look at the Zentree user’s manual which can be found at https://www.wiphod.de/manual/manual.pdf

Important requirements:

Zentree makes use of the 'custom object'-feature, which is not included in all Zendesk plans. You need an Enterprise or Elite plan to be able to use Zentree.

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