Single sign-on with ZenCart

Allow customers visiting ZenCart-powered stores to not only instantly submit new support and service requests, but also view existing requests directly within their online shopping environment. Using Zendesk’s remote authentication, merchants can engage seamlessly with customers and never miss another support request.

Step 1 – copy new files

Download the Zen-Gizmo connector and unpack the zip-archive.

New files (just copy them to your Zen Cart installation):





includes/modules/pages/account_helpdesk/header_php.php (new directory)


Step 2 – modify existing files

Modify these files according the installation-manual as part of the package:

includes/filenames.php (add one line)

includes/languages/english/account.php (add two lines)

includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_account_default.php (add one block of html)

Step 3 – enable remote authentication

Open your Zendesk-Administration and navigate to Manage > Security and check Enable Single Sign-On:

Remember: When this option is active you are no longer able to login to zendesk as before, but you can always you this URL to login manually:


Select Zendesk Remote Auth as the Mode and enter the URL which handles the remote authentication. Zendesk will call this URL to authenticate users.


Enter the URL which handles the remote authentication. Zendesk will call this URL to authenticate users.


The Remote logout URL is called by zendesk when a user clicks on “logout” in the zendesk application. Could be any URL but I like to redirect the customers to their account-page




The Authentication token is automatically generated by Zendesk (Shared Secret). You need to copy the token and paste it into the configuration of your Shop (next step)

Step 4 – install and configure the connector

Run the installation routine:



In you ZenCart Administration you will now find a Configuration-Group Zendesk Connector

Please copy the Authentication Token into the Connector-Configuration.

Enter the Domain of your Zendesk.

Enter Agent Email & password you would like to use for the connector. We recommend to set up a new account in the zendesk administration, but it is safe to utilized an existing one.

Decide if you would like to show the helpdesk in the “my account” page.

Decide if you would like to list open requests.


Now your are done with the installation and test. Please enable “show helpdesk” and any customer will be able to access Zendesk from their account page. You can easily test the connector by doing a login into the account-page of your ZenCart shop and then try to open a new request.

Since remote authentication is now enabled in Zendesk, you need to use this URL to login into Zendesk without a customer account in your ZenCart shop:


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