Translate By Humans

Translate By Humans

Localize Your Customer Support in Just a Few Clicks with Translate By Humans


Hassle-Free, Accurate, Human Translations for a Globally Connected World, Integrated Inside Zendesk

Businesses use Zendesk to build and deliver amazing customer experiences. But, what if your customers demand engagement in a language that your customer agents don’t understand? Don’t worry! Translate By Humans app for Zendesk has got your back. We have done amazing translation work for clients like Google, Gulfstream, Nike, Vogue, Autodesk, Deloitte and others and bring this expertise and experience to our translation app for Zendesk.

Translate By Humans brings your dreams of growing in new markets to life by delivering high quality translations of customer support tickets in any language directly from the Zendesk user interface.

Customer Support Localization is a Breeze with Translate By Humans for Zendesk

Multilingual Customer Support - Receive and Reply to Customer Support Messages in 60+ Languages

  • Receive tickets in a language that is comfortable for your customers to converse in
  • Using machine translation, automatically translate tickets to a language your customer support agents understand
  • Your customer support agents then draft responses in their native language and send them to a professional translator assigned by Translate By Humans
  • A team of expert translators translate the message into the target customers' language and send them back to the customer support agent
  • Customer support agents are ready to send translated responses back to your customers
The result – increased customer trust, improved business reputation, and extensive business growth.

Benefits of using Translate By Humans for Zendesk

  • Reply in your customer’s language: Your customers should know you care about their needs. With Translate By Humans app for Zendesk, your customers will receive an answer to their support query in their own language

  • A Local Business can have Global Reach: Imagine you are a business, based in the UK, but want to serve customers in over 15 countries and each country speaks a different language. Translate By Humans offers an effective solution

  • Affordable Pricing: Our competitive pricing model makes sure that all businesses can get the benefit of high-quality translations, irrespective of their budget, scope or scale

  • Scalable Model : Your search for translation services that keep pace with business growth ends at Translate By Humans for Zendesk. It is scalable and can meet the growing translation demands of your business easily

If you are looking for world-class translation with quick turnaround time and with an eye on localizing your customer support, Translate By Humans is the right choice.

Unique Features – Customized for your needs!

Our app has been designed to match your workflow and enhance your productivity. We constantly upgrade the app using customer feedback and market research. Here are some unique features of our app that give us an edge over the others:

  • Text box with edit tools such as bold and italics, bullet points and paragraph-breaks to customize your response and keep it that way

  • A Dual Tab view that allows you to view all translations for a certain ticket in a single place

  • Live in-app notifications to keep track of completed translations in order to save precious time in responding to your customer

  • Possibility to reassign translations from one agent to another, removing obstacles that may hinder your workflow

Here is a tool that actually brings a viable solution to the table, and also adapts to your needs.

Using the Translate By Humans app in Zendesk is a seamless and simple process. Follow the instructions given below, and you will have your localized customer support process up and running in no time at all!

  • Step 1: Sign Up as a business user on the Translate By Humans website
  • Step 2: Set-up your profile and add billing details
  • Step 3: Go to the 'Plugins' section and enable the Zendesk app. Please contact our support team if you can’t see Plugins section
  • Step 4: Click on the Zendesk App and start adding customer support agents under the 'Add Agent' section
  • Step 5: Enter Agents' details including email address and the default language they understand (customer support agents' native language)
  • Step 6: Agents will receive a welcome email with login credentials for the Zendesk plugin. Use these credentials to access Zendesk app and start receiving translation support from Translate By Humans

For pricing and free demo, please get in touch with us at

App Details

  • Author: Translate By Humans
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:2.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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