Understand your customer's NPS feedback and act fast.

Most of the value in an NPS survey is left in the comments. Thematic understands why customers left the feedback they did and makes it easy for you to uncover actionable insights.

We can slice the data by the location and the custom fields added to tickets your customers have created to provide deeper insights into the issues and challenges facing your business.

We capture emerging themes as they happen and alert you to issues before they become overwhelming.

We show you the key drivers for your NPS score and the elements of your business that reward, or penalize your customer experience.

And we do all this using the best-in-class machine learning and natural language processing.

  1. Log into the Thematic client portal
  2. Open the administration panel in the menu in the top right.
  3. If your account has been marked as having a Zendesk integration, then there will be a box to enter the username and token to use to access your zendesk data. Instructions on creating a token can be found here: or contact Thematic support for help
  4. The system will automatically pull all historical data for analysis and create visualizations. Customization of these visualizations can be done by contacting support.

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