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Providing a wide range of features to enhance Customer engagement & satisfaction

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Tagove is next generation Live Chat software that reinvents the relationship between customers and organizations.

It aims to re-create face-to-face communication by offering live chat, voice and video call, as well as screen sharing and co-browsing capabilities. It also provides ChatBot feature that is used to communicate with the offline visitors in the absence of Live agents.

Tagove allows businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers and increase sales/conversions, and inevitably, a better customer experience.

Integrating Tagove with Zendesk will provide you your Tagove dashboard within Zendesk itself, by which you can provide support to your website visitors as well as manage and sync contacts from a single place.Know more about Tagove: https://www.tagove.com/ Tagove direct Sign-up Link: https://app.tagove.com/site/signup

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