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Why Synap?

Synap organizes all of your customer interactions in one place, so you can collaborate more effectively on managing your relationships. While CRM systems focus on closing sales, Synap brings together all of the teams who work with customers throughout their entire lifecycle. From sales through onboarding, implementation, support, and beyond. Synap helps you to work across teams, create happy customers, and grow your business.

Zendesk Integration

Synap connects to your team’s Gmail and Zendesk accounts to automatically display one unified view of your customer communications. You can see Zendesk tickets along with emails to customers from you and your teammates, all in one organized feed for each customer.

Zendesk is a powerful help desk platform for managing customer issues, but it’s not a complete picture of your team’s interactions with your customers. At many organizations, customer conversations happen outside of Zendesk - often in email. It’s too bad because those conversations, and the customer information they contain, end up locked in one person’s inbox.

However, when you use Synap to collect your team’s emails and support tickets in one place, lots of good things can happen: Managers, teammates, and other stakeholders can join a conversation in mid-flight, without requiring a customer or teammate to re-explain a complex issue. Customer reps can easily cover for teammates who aren’t available, confidently jumping into a conversation where their teammates left off. Everyone can easily find contracts and other important documents that were sent as email attachments.

Learn more about Synap at getSynap.com.

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