Facilitate higher ticket deflection & faster resolution time with smart search

Transforming businesses into self-service veterans, SearchUnify provides rich, relevant insights to your support engineers, community members, customers, etc. with speed and precision. With its cross-platform integration capability, it ensures higher CSAT, engagement, and case deflection.

For every search query, SearchUnify pulls in personalized results from disparate knowledge sources. Designed to serve SMBs to enterprises, it can be deployed in a matter of minutes owing to the out-of-the-box native connectors for an array of enterprise platforms.

With SearchUnify incorporated in your exiting tech stack, you can:

Unlock next-gen search experience instantly: No time-consuming technical setup or third-party delegation involved;

Search across channels: Look for information from multiple knowledge sources simultaneously;

Optimize results for relevance: Natural language processing (NLP) helps accurately identify search intent. Then AI & machine learning factor in role, permissions, search behavior, etc. to deliver apt answers.

Tune search results: Control search results basis keyword, content type, or even specific pieces as you seem fit.

Get insights on every step of user journey: Click-chain reporting amalgamated with deep analytics helps paint a clearer picture of successful deflection and loggings.

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