Add badges, skill tracking and a rewards site to your Zendesk.

RedCritter is a platform for enhancing Zendesk and other other business systems with gamification elements like badges, points, rewards, skill tracking, and more. Create a rewards store and assign points, which will then be distributed based off actions performed in Zendesk. RedCritter can be configured to capture all sorts of elements and desired activities from Zendesk to help motivate your support team to give the best support possible.

Installation video Watch the walkthrough

We'll teach you how to create a RedCritter extension in Zendesk, configure a Rewards Store, then give Reward Points and add an Action which will then trigger Skill points and Badges based on their configuration.

Installation video Video setup walkthrough

App Details

  • Author: Robert Beaty
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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