PocketWISE Service Desk (Multiple Forms)

PocketWISE Service Desk (Multiple Forms)

Create forms using PocketWiSE Service Desk to manage Zendesk tickets.

DESCRIPTION Are you in need of a fast and convenient way to build forms that can be easily integrated with your Zendesk tickets without having to code every single minute detail? Now you can with PocketWiSE Service Desk!

PocketWiSE Service Desk is a form builder app that gives you the ability to create custom Zendesk forms to suit your workflow and data requirements by extending the built-in functionality offered by Zendesk. Do you need to quickly see or highlight important bits of information in your tickets? Perhaps you want to hide or show them on demand or based on certain conditions? What if you want to provide some additional and useful information to your agents with data coming from an external back-end data source?

PocketWiSE Service Desk provides all of these features and more. It’s like a Zendesk form on steroids!

Key Features of PocketWiSE Service Desk:

  • Drag and Drop WYSIWYG user interface
  • Create a custom form for each ticket type in your help center
  • Design custom forms with various built-in components on-the-fly
  • Configure and update different properties for each component
  • Connect to external data source using web services over the Internet
  • Write custom JavaScript code to perform any action or task that you want
  • Full Integration with the Zendesk Apps framework to allow interaction with your tickets

Download the PocketWiSE Service Desk app now and try it for free. Request for your license key by sending an email to raymon.b@electronicscience.net

Note that this app will only with with the Enterprise plan.

Installation Guide:

  1. Install the PocketWiSE Service Desk App
  2. Enter your license key to activate it > (Please send an email to raymon.b@electronicscience.net to get a license key)
  3. To restrict access to the app, check the Restrict Access box and choose who will be granted access to the app
  4. Click Install
User Guide
  1. To access the app, click on the appʼs icon on the left sidebar
  2. On the Component section, you will see all the components to be used
  3. To create a custom form, first select a ticket type from the panel on the left simply drag and drop components from the Components panel on the right, and place them onto the Form Builder panel in the center of the screen
  4. The Properties section can be used to easily change how the component will appear or behave in the PocketWiSE Service Desk app > Note that properties are automatically saved
  5. To save the form, click the save button on the Form Builder panel
  6. To view the created form, simply open a ticket and click the Apps button on the right sidebar

App Details

  • Author: Raymon A. Biticon
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:0.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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