Cognitive automation for customer support

Otto is an AI-powered automation solution for smart customer support. Recognized as the best AI solution for customer experience in France by L'Usine Digitale award, Otto is now available for Zendesk Support customers.

What it does

  • Auto-fill your tickets fields(tags, type, priority, assignee...) based on its understanding of the requests and your business rules
  • Generate suggestions to your agents
  • Auto-reply for your most repetitive tickets

Benefits - Save your agents' time from filling out tickets fields for repetitive requests - Faster reply and resolution - Increased agent productivity - Happier customers and happier agents

We take data security and privacy very seriously to guarantee the GDPR compliance.

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A few steps to get started

  1. We will discuss your needs and define how you would like Otto to support.Based on this, we will define the scope of integration.
  2. Once you validate the terms and conditions, we will initiate the setup by training a specific AI based on your historical Zendesk tickets data.We access only tickets' titles and descriptions, and only the tickets you select for the training.
  3. You set up the business rules in relation to Otto in your Zendesk Support interface.
  4. Once the training is complete and business rules are defined, your agents can start enjoying the automation assistance by Otto.

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