Zendesk and OroCRM integration for ticket management

OroCRM is an easy-to-use, open source CRM with built in marketing automation tools for your commerce business. It’s the CRM built for both sales and marketing! Integrate OroCRM with Zendesk today to give your teams access to the information they need, in the systems they use the most.

The integration allows the following features:

  • Synchronization with the existing Zendesk account (multiple integrations possible)
  • One-way synchronization of Zendesk users with OroCRM contacts: for every Zendesk user there will be a matching OroCRM Contact
  • Two-way synchronization of Zendesk tickets with OroCRM Cases
  • When a ticket is created in Zendesk, a matching Case will be created OroCRM
  • When a case is created in OroCRM, the user may link it to Zendesk ticket
  • All changes in a matching pair of Case and ticket are synchronized; the strategy for resolving conflicting changes is subject to configuration.
  • Two-way synchronization of comments to Cases/tickets between two systems.

Download OroCRM today here!

How to Install

  1. Log in as administrator to your OroCRM installation.
  2. Open Package manager by going to System > Package manager.
  3. Enter the Package Name as oro/crm-zendesk and click Install to install the package.

On Zendesk side

  1. Log in as administrator to your Zendesk account.
  2. Go to Admin > Channels > API. Under Settings, tick the Token Access box to enable REST API using tokens.
  3. Copy the API token. Caution: it grants full access to your Zendesk account so please keep it safe.

On OroCRM side

  1. Log in as administrator to your OroCRM installation.
  2. Go to System > Integrations > Manage Integrations and click Create Integration button.
  3. Choose Zendesk integration type and enter the integration name.
  4. Enter the URL as the URL of your Zendesk installation.
  5. Enter the API Email as the login email of administrator user
  6. Paste the API Token you have copied from Zendesk
  7. Enter Default Zendesk User Email as Zendesk login email of one of your organization’s users. This user will be assigned on Zendesk side by default to all tickets and comments originated on OroCRM side if there is no matching Zendesk user for their OroCRM owners.
  8. Select the connectors for data you want to synchronize between Zendesk and OroCRM. We recommend to synchronize all data.
  9. Choose a Default Owner as one of your organization’s OroCRM users. This user will own all contacts, tickets, and comments originated on Zendesk side.
  10. Check Enable Two Way Sync if you want to be able to publish tickets and comments from OroCRM to Zendesk (recommended). Select the prevailing side for the case of conflicting edits (by default, Zendesk wins).
  11. Save the integration. To start working with your Zendesk data as soon as possible, click Schedule Sync to launch initial synchronization.

App Details

  • Author: OroCRM
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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