Myndbend Ticket Reminder

Improve customer satisfaction by automatically setting follow-up date/times and push reminders by pop-up and/or email to your agents.

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Myndbend Ticket Reminder

Set a follow-up date/time on tickets either manually or by trigger; Get reminded prior to that date/time via email or alert in the Zendesk agent interface.

Even the most responsive agents will lose track of promised follow-up on tickets. It goes something like this: "We will get back to you before 5pm today." The next morning another comment is posted: "Support, we never heard from you yesterday. We'd appreciate a response ASAP." Obviously, a less than stellar customer satisfaction survey is coming soon.

With the Myndbend Ticket Reminder app, this problem can be avoided. Agents will be able to set a due date and time on tickets of any type and set a reminder in minutes. This is similar to a calendar event that reminds you to prepare as it's approaching.

As the ticket due date/time approaches and reaches the minute mark you've set, the app will place an internal comment on the ticket and/or display a notification message at the top of the Zendesk screen. There will also be a view, for agents to monitor, sorted by the due date/time on tickets. Furthermore, you can automatically set due date/time and reminders on tickets via trigger!

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Ticketing System
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Free 15-day trial, then $2.00 per agent, per month

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